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Douglas McGilvray

Photograph Dougie is a lecturer in Audio Technology at the School of Engineering and Computing at Glasgow Caledonian University . He began his academic career at the Centre for Music Technology in the University of Glasgow where he researched his PhD in computer assisted analysis of musical performance. His research interests currently include music informatics and computer asisted analysis of musical performance.

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School of Engineering and Computing
Glasgow Caledonian University
Cowcaddens Road
G4 0BA

tel +44 (0)141 331 3498
dougie ...at... n-ism.org

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Performance Markup Language

Computer analysis of musical performance requires simultaneous consideration of the score and the resulting performance data, because interesting information about the performance is contained within a performer's inflections and departure from the strict score rather than in the measured performance information itself. A method of representing these and possibly many other aspects of a given performance is therefore required. Performance Markup Language (PML) is an open, extendable XML-based representation which is intended to be used as a basis for systems used to investigate elements of musical performance. It can be used to extend XML-based musical notation representations to include support for the representation of performance markup and analytical structures. Home page: http://www.n-ism.org/Projects/pml.php

Rehearsing Microtonal Music: Grappling with Performance and Intonational Problems (2006–2007)

AHRC-funded project, £4,976, with Dr I Pearson (RCM, Principal Investigator), A Morrison (BBC Singers), Prof R Parncutt (University of Graz), and D McGilvray (CMT Glasgow), involving the composition and performance of microtonal music, i.e. music which does not have twelve equal divisions of the octave. The technology developed involved the delivery of modified MIDI sequencer software which is capable of real-time and off-line analysis of the pitch of a performance and displays it alongside musical notation for the purposes of rehearsal.


Nicholas Bailey, Douglas McGilvray, Graham Hair Musically Significant, Automatic Localisation of Note Boundaries for the Performance Analysis of Vocal Music Proc Conf Interdisciplinary Musicology, Thessaloniki, 2008 (The unabridged version contains some extra material which could not easily be reproduced in Microsoft Word)
A. R. Jensenius, A. Camurri, N. Castagn, E. Maestre, J. Malloch, D. McGilvray, D. Schwarz, and M. Wright. The need of formats for streaming and storing music-related movement and gesture data. In Proceedings of the ICMC, 2007.
A. R. Jensenius, A. Camurri, N. Castagn, E.  Maestre, J. Malloch, D. McGilvray, D. Schwarz, and M. Wright. A summary of formats for streaming and storing music-related movement and gesture data. In Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Enactive Interfaces, 2007.
Nicholas Bailey, Douglas McGilvray, Graham Hair, Ingrid Pearson, Amanda Morrison, Richard Parncutt The Rosegarden Codicil: Rehearsing Music in Nineteen-Tone Equal Temperament Proc International Computer Music Conference, 2008.
Stuart Pullinger, Douglas McGilvray, Nicholas Bailey Music and Gesture File: Performance Visualisation, Analysis, Storage and Exchange Proc International Computer Music Conference, 2008.
Graham Hair, Ingrid Pearson, Amanda Morrison, Nicholas Bailey, Douglas McGilvray, Richard Parncutt The Rosegarden Codicil: Rehearsing Music in Nineteen-Tone Equal Temperament Scottish Music Review, v1(1).
Graham Hair, Douglas McGilvray, Nicholas Bailey, Ingrid Pearson Tools for Expert Musicians for Practising and Rehearsing Microtonal Music Proc. DMRN+1 University of London Queen Mary College, Dec 2006.

Invited Presentations

Rehearsing Microtonal Music with Amanda Morrison, Ingrid Pearson, Nicholas Bailey and Graham Hair Sir George Grove Research Series, Royal College of Music, London, 18th May 2006.
Thinking and Performing Microtonally: Rehearsal Strategies in 19ET using the Rosegarden Codicil with Nicholas Bailey and Graham Hair Stirling University Perception Conference, Department of Psycology, Dec 2006
Bringing the Marginal into the Mainstream: Overcoming the Problems of Thinking, Composing and Performing Microtonally with Nicholas Bailey and Graham Hair The University of Edinburgh Research Colloquium, 9th Nov 2006.
Between Hardware and Protien: Pig in the Middle with Nicholas Bailey and Graham Hair Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama Research Colloquium, 20th Feb 2006.
Thinking Microtonally with Amanda Morrison (soprano), Graham Hair, and Nicholas Bailey, Royal Musical Association Research Colloqium, 1st Feb 2006.