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This project examines the relationship between dynamic phrasing and articulation in musical performance using computer data analysis. Examples will focus on performance of Chopin's A Major Prelude.

Clearly musical interpretation must be based on many factors present in a piece of music. These include melodic, harmonic, rhythmic, textural and timbral elements  found in the music. This study will focus on the relationship between the musical structure, directions printed in the written score and the actual amplitudinal shape found in recorded performance. It is part of a larger study, which examines the act of listening. My contribution will specifically examine the relationship between onset amplitude of notes and changes in the overall amplitude in dynamic phrase shaping. The study will consider:

    Analysis of musical structures using widely accepted music theoretical practices

    Digital analysis of audio recordings to examine relationship between onset (attack)a

            amplitude of notes and amplitudinal changes over the course of a phrase. These will be 

            mapped graphically onto the musical score.

    Comparison of theoretical conclusions with digital audio analysis

    Analysis of listener perceptions regarding performances

    Compilation of performance data into a query-accessible database

    Publication of a critical score of the Chopin 24 Preludes for piano

We expect to find that articulation and overall dynamic shaping move somewhat independently of one another and hope to quantify this relationship in measurable ways.