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Completed n-ISM projects


Building rehearsal and performance analysis tools for expert musicians approaching microtonal music. Project completed Summer 2007.

Link to project page: http://www.n-ism.org/Projects/microtonalism.php
Glasgow CMT related page: http://cmt.gla.ac.uk/website/projects/rosegarden_codicil.html
CMT Wiki page: http://markov.music.gla.ac.uk/cmt-wiki/RosegardenCodicil

Investigators: Dr Ingrid Pearson, Deputy Director, Graduate School, Royal College of Music, London; Graham Hair, Nick Bailey, Douglas McGilvray, Centre for Music Technology, The University of Glasgow.

Although the AHRC funding for this project has expired, the technology developed has continues to produce useful research results, so it also remains in the list of active projects.

Colloquium: Listening to Music (June 2007)

A short series of recitals, talks and demonstrations with an interdisciplinary theme of how composed music is performed, measured, analysed, interpreted and understood by performers, theorists, scientists and the listening public

10th and 12th-13th June, 2007

Programme on Glasgow CMT's Wiki site. Click here.

Download the abbreviated colloquium programme (A5 PDF format)

Musica Scotica 2008

The fourth conference of Musica Scotica, sponsored by Glasgow University, the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, the University of Edinburgh: Celtic and Scottish Studies, and RICHES (Research Institute in the Culture, History and Ethnology of Scotland)

See the original call for papers (PDF document).