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Into the Shores of Light

Into the Shores of Light is a short orchestral symphonic poem, celebrating the 550th anniversary of Glasgow University, and written for the BBC SSO.

Over several decades Mark O'Connor, Australia's 'ecological' poet, has pursued the aim of mapping the whole continent in poetry: capturing the distinctive characteristics of its different regions in a series of more than a dozen volumes, many illustrated by spectacular images provided by photographic collaborators. He often brings an usual level of scientific and 'environmental' vocabulary into play to create a new kind of 21st-century 'nature-poetry'. Into the Shores of Light was inspired by O'Connor's poetic sequence about Queensland's Great Barrier Reef area: coast, islands, flora and fauna. The placement of the reef between the calm lagoon and the wild, untamed Pacific Ocean is reflected in the music in the extremes of delicacy and raucousness.