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The Deep by Colin Broom

The Deep refers to a painting by American artist Jackson Pollock (1912-1956); one of the very few completed in his final years. The painting is largely white, comprising multiple layers of very intense brushwork. Tearing straight up through the middle of this is a dark, black rift which seems to reach inwards, suggesting an almost infinite depth. In contrast to Pollock's more famous "dripped" works, which are on the whole characterized by an "all over" approach, resulting in an ultimately flat, surface-level texture, The Deep is just this, and it is the depth suggested in this painting which interests me compositionally.

Colin Broom

Twelve Steps to a Delightful Evening by Oliver Searle

My brother, sister and I were brought up in a hotel, a family business run by my parents for some 19 years. We grew up washing dishes in the kitchen, serving breakfasts, waiting on tables, making beds, cleaning toilets, weeding flower beds, mowing grass, sweeping and mopping floors, preparing food for customers and when we reached the appropriate age, working behind the bar. My brother began work in a bar in Edinburgh some years ago where he was given (on employment) a sheet entitled 12 Steps to Great Service

Oliver Searle

Twelve Steps to a Delightful Evening

1. Greet Guest within thirty seconds

2. Take drinks order and return within two minutes (Make suggestions)

3. Take food order (Make suggestions)

4. Deliver food cleanly (Always check food before taking out)

5. Three bite check back

6. Clear table correctly

7. Present dessert menu

8. Repeat steps 3, 4, 5 (Make suggestions)

9. Clear table properly

10. Take coffee order

11. Present Bill properly

12. Thank guest on leaving (First impression is always the last impression)

Bigger the sale the bigger the tip