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n-ISM Site Subscription

You can arrange for changes in part of the n-ISM site to send you emails automatically. Enter the pattern below representing the part of the site in which you are interested. When authors write their changes of content notifications (as displayed on the New page), they will be invited also to send a short notification email to all subscribers.

Matching is case-insensitve, so the pattern projects/myproject will match the page Projects/myproject.php as well as any page in the directory Projects/MyProject/.... Leaving this field blank will result in being subscribed to the entire web site.

Enter the path to the new or modified file omitting the leading /


Enter the email address to which notifications should be sent

The subscription request remains in force for 90 days. The first appropriate change to the website after that will also be notified, along with an invitation to renew the appropriate subscription. You may also cancel a subscription on receipt of any notification.