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Bill Evans

PhotographMr. Evans employs an interdisciplinary approach to inform his research. He draws from the fields of computer science, psychology, cognition, recording equipment design, and music production. Currently in the first year of his PhD studies at the University of Glasgow, he is part of Centre for Music Technology in Engineering, and the Department of Music. Bill is the recipient of the UK's ORSAS Scholarship Award.

Aiming to replace the traditional analog, multi-state model, Mr. Evans views all digital sound creation/modification as one holistic process. The goal of his PhD thesis, Belexes, is to create a unified user interface for this process. The interaction model is based on the direct manipulation of sound and musical elements without the mediation of a software interface. The underlying interface metaphor is users' everyday manipulation of real-world objects and tools. This interaction will take place within the context of a Music Production Score.

The supporting, physical interface is comprised of several systems, based around an augmented reality 2.5D display, and a high-resolution 3D multi-point finger tracker. The most significant engineering challenge is the development of a volumetric haptic display.

Mr. Evans believes his work will be successful if it is adaptable to those who perform these tasks. As such, Belexes is potentially relevant to the music production industry.

Another area of Bill's research is telepresencing for audio production. This work aims to allow people in remote locations to collaborate on a recording project as if they were in the same room. His approach combines both technological and psychological mechanisms toward this end.



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Professional Memberships: BPI (member, Digital Committee), NARAS, AES, IFPI, ASCAP

Research Support: Apple Computer, Mackie, Native Instruments

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