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Scottish Music Review

Volume 4 number 1: Special Interdisciplinary Edition

  1. Editorial: Nick Bailey and Graham Hair, Science and Music Research Group, The University of Glasgow.
  2. Nicholas J Bailey, Alex South, William Evans, Graham Hair A Microtonal Wind Controller
  3. Jane Manning Voicing Pierrot: My Personal Journey
  4. Lawrence Mays Decoding Eighteenth-Century Italian Opera Recitative. A Comparison of La Serva Padrona set by Pergolesi (1733) and Paisiello (1781).
  5. Keziah Milligan, Nicholas Bailey, Graham Hair A New Approach to Onset Detection: Towards an Empirical Grounding of Theoretical and Speculative Ideologies of Musical Performance
  6. Philip Wigham, Carola Böhm BazerBows: Instrument Design and Mimetic Theory
  7. Richard Parncutt, Graham Hair On the Ontology and Epistemology of Musical Intervals ... or Bye Bye Pythagoras.
  8. Afterword: Richard Parncutt, The University of Graz, Austria on the two cultures in German translation: Humanities, science, and Wissenschaft.